Peplink has a variety of cutting edge connectivity, bonding and load balancing products.

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Peplink Balance - Load Balance and Bonding Routers

Peplink Balance Range

Peplink Balance Routers allow you to Bond and Load balance up to 13 Ethernet presented WAN connections, of any type – from any ISP to provide high quality, highly available internet connectivity.

Peplink WLAN - Enterprise and Industrial Wireless Access Points.

Peplink AP One Range

The Pepwave AP One access points deliver enterprise-grade performance, the flexibility to deploy anywhere, and easy setup and management. From the tiny but mighty AP One In-Wall to the super-tough IP55 and IP67 AP One Flex and Pro, the AP One series offers you a fast, secure, long-range Wi-Fi solution.

Pepwave Max cellular routers - Single SIM to 4 SIM

Peplink MAX Range

Mobile Cellular Routers using inbuilt cellular modems and USB 3G/4G/LTE Dongles. Bond all cellular connections into a single logical VPN between devices. Load balance across all available links.

Media Fast Routers - Balance and Max Routers with Content Caching

Media Fast Routers - Balance and Max Routers with Content Caching

Peplink and Pepwave MediaFast routers deliver supercharged content caching and all in one mobile device management. Designed for education and entertainment, media fast routers can pre fetch and store content oat off-peak times, saving connectivity costs and reducing network burden in busy periods.

Fusion Hub - Virtual Speedfusion appliance, allowing you to bond to your existing infrastructure.


FusionHub is the new virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink. With FusionHub, you can establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices. FusionHub makes it simple to add the Peplink/ Pepwave range of routers to your existing network architecture.

InControl2- Cloud Based device management, monitoring and reporting tool for all your Peplink devices

inControl2 Applications

InControl2 allows you to take control of your entire Peplink and Pepwave estate in a single cloud hosted management platform. This allows you to centralise management of SpeedFusion VPN, Monitor and Manage Devices remotely, roll out Firmware upgrades as well as locate and track your devices.

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