New Products


Allow us to introduce the Balance 380X and 580X. Our latest device that promises to transform your fixed and advanced wireless broadband through its incredible features bandwidth on demand with LTE or 5G, out of band management and compatibility with our SpeedFusion Cloud. 

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CAT 12


Sometimes, 4G LTE CAT 4 is not enough for bandwidth-hungry users. So Peplink is unveiling 4G LTE CAT 12 routers! These routers are embedded cellular modem delivers up to 600Mbps downlink speed and 150Mbps uplink speed. New offerings include: Single cellular: MAX BR1 ENT, MAX Transit Dual cellular: MAX Transit Duo, MAX [...]

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Case Studies and Praises – 40 Hotels. 5000 Rooms. Unbreakable VoIP


Georgia-based Ascent Hospitality manages 40 hotels, around 5000 rooms in total. Ascent’s challenge was finding a cost-effective way to provision its properties with high-quality voice calls and fast Internet access. These services needed to be dependable and resilient to failure, as well as easy to integrate and maintain. To meet [...]

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Cat 18 Portfolio


            Want the best reception and fastest cellular we have? Want it now? Then CAT 18 routers are just the thing you need. They are equipped with up to 4x4 MIMO and support a wider range of frequencies, ensuring the best signal reception. If you need speed, our X-Series (MBX, [...]

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New Rugged Switches!


We are proud to announce two new ruggedised switches: 16-Port Switch Rugged. This model features a combo port, a ruggedised fanless design, and LAN Bypass. LAN bypass enables a port to stay connected, even if the switch loses power. > See introduction video < 24-Port Switch Rugged. The biggest entry [...]

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PrimeCare – An Overview


Easily Build SpeedFusion Networks PrimeCare is designed to simplify the process of building SpeedFusion networks by offering everything you need in a single subscription package: Open new possibilities and deployments with your existing devices Open new possibilities and deployments with your existing devices [...]

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Setting up Two Factor Authentication


Install Authenticator from your phone’s App Store: – Google Authenticator (Android/iPhone/BlackBerry) – Authy (Android/iPhone/BlackBerry/Mac OS X/Windows/Linux) – Authenticator (Windows Phone) Login to InControl2: Go to Your Account settings – click on the email address in the top right corner, then scroll down to 2FA settings: [...]

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Add InControl Info to Your Own App – InControl API


Peplink’s InControl API makes it possible to fold InControl functionality and reporting directly into your own system, web-based platform, or app. You’ll be able to see usage reports, view connection statuses, collect user statistics, and see a map of your Peplink/Pepwave devices in real time. What Can You [...]

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SpeedFusion Solo – How to Obtain your Copy


You’ve learned or heard about FusionHub Solo 13 and you’re wondering how to obtain your copy so that you can start taking advantage of bonding. Well this article is for you. First you’ll need to have an InControl2 (IC2) account and you’ll also need to have a Group created in your Organization. If you don’t yet [...]

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Setting Outbound Firewall Rules by Domain Name


This document explains how to configure a firewall rule by domain name. Create a new firewall rule at Network > Firewall > Access Rules. Select Domain Name in the Destination field: Example: After a firewall rule by domain name is created, all traffic from that domain will be allowed or denied according to your settings. TIP: If you [...]

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