Value-Added Services

Offers additional services such as configuration, installation, and technical support to enhance the value of the products they distribute.


Supply Chain Management

Manages the logistics and supply chain to ensure timely delivery of products to resellers and end-users.

Channel Support

Provides sales and marketing support to resellers, helping them to effectively promote and sell products to their customers.

Customer Service

Delivers excellent customer service, including pre-sales advice and post-sales support, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Training and Certification

Offers training programs and certification courses to ensure resellers and their customers are knowledgeable about the latest technologies.

Cellular Mobile Routers

Bond up to 4 cellular 3G/4G/LTE connections on the go, with built in GPS and a cloud management view of all locations

Financing Options

Provides flexible financing solutions to resellers to help them manage their cash flow and invest in inventory.

Inventory Management

Keeps a robust inventory to quickly meet the demands of resellers and end-users, reducing lead times.

Prices, Model Selection Questions
& Technical Support Issues

Why call us?

  • Prices, model, selection & technical know-how

  • Imagine buying from us and having access to our Peplink Certified Engineers to assist with your install
  • Wide range of products and innovations

  • Ingen staff have 20 years combined experience.

  • Peplink has the worlds largest cellular routers

  • Bulk purchase discounts available; join our re-seller programme

We have got a lot of experience on what works best and where, let us help you by sharing this knowledge.

Our Products

5G-Ready Routers

Multi-WAN Routers

Cellular Routers

Virtualised Routers

Balance Routers


Wi-Fi Access Points


Introducing Peplink

Peplink is the industry leading WAN / VPN Bonding and Load balancing equipment manufacturer. Their Enterprise and mobile cellular bonding routers provide highly available, secure corporate network access anywhere.

One Peplink USP is the use of multiple SIMs in a single router to increase the available data footprint by combining multiple mobile operator networks, which also increases resilience and bandwidth.

Peplink routers can combine ADSL, FTTC, 4G, 3G, WiMAX, in fact any tail circuit, into usable bandwidth, which is also known as SD-WAN.

Peplink has an excellent community forum where you can find the answers to many of your technical, functional and future release information; CLICK HERE to create a login and join in the discussions.


InControl2 is Peplink’s Cloud-based Management and Monitoring platform, this enables you to interact with all your Peplink devices in a single “pane of glass”

InControl2 device management is available immediately as a free cloud service (hosted at Amazon Web Services in the US) for Peplink customers with in-warranty devices. For following out-warranty devices, 1-year and 2-year InControl 2 subscription are also available.

Can also be hosted privately if you have data protection regulations to adhere to.