Sometimes, 4G LTE CAT 4 is not enough for bandwidth-hungry users. So Peplink is unveiling 4G LTE CAT 12 routers! These routers are embedded cellular modem delivers up to 600Mbps downlink speed and 150Mbps uplink speed. New offerings include:

  • Single cellular: MAX BR1 ENT, MAX Transit
  • Dual cellular: MAX Transit Duo, MAX HD2, MAX HD2 IP67, MAX HD2 Dome
  • Triple cellular: Flex module for EPX
  • Quad cellular: MAX HD4, MAX HD4 MBX

All the devices are available NOW.

Model Modems Product Code Carrier / Region
BR1 ENT 77 1x CAT 12 MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA-R-T America/Europe, FirstNet
1x CAT 12 MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA-K-T Global*
MAX Transit 50 1x CAT 12 MAX-TST-LTEA-R-T America/Europe, FirstNet
1x CAT 12 MAX-TST-LTEA-K-T Global*
MAX Transit Duo 50 2x CAT 12 MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-R-T America/Europe, FirstNet
2x CAT 12 MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-R-T-PRM America/Europe, FirstNet
2x CAT 12 MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-K-T Global*
MAX HD2 16 1x CAT 12 + 1x LTEA MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF-T America/Europe, FirstNet
MAX HD2 IP67 5 1x CAT 12 + 1x LTEA MAX-HD2-M-LTEA-WF-IP67 America/Europe, FirstNet
MAX HD2 Dome 10 1x CAT 12 + 1x LTEA MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-WF America/Europe, FirstNet
Flex Module for EPX 10 3x CAT 12 EXM-3LTEA-R America/Europe, FirstNet
3x CAT 12 EXM-3LTEA-K Global*
MAX HD4 15 1x CAT 12 + 3x LTEA MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF-T America/Europe, FirstNet
MAX HD4 MBX 28 4x CAT 12 MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-R-T America/Europe, FirstNet
4x CAT 12 MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-K-T Global*

Remark: * except for China or HK TD LTE