Unbreakable Connectivity


Your cloud apps require constant connectivity. If you connection goes down, your office stops working. Even if you connect multiple WAN lines… …a lost connection will lead to a broken session. Enter SpeedFusion SD-WAN. Combine multiple connections into a single VPN tunnel. Even if a line goes down, [...]

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Getting Ready for 5G


Current Status of 5G The adoption of 5G is happening much faster than previous cellular network transitions. In the early years of 4G globally (2010-2011), only 4 carriers and 4 devices supported the standard. 5G is at its nascent phase. Yet, over 30 5G-smartphones have already been scheduled [...]

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SD-WAN, Multi WAN and Mobile Markets


Gartner, a leading global IT research and advisory company, have recently published a report on the WAN Edge Infrastructure industry. The report is an analysis of the major market players, including Peplink. Gartner praise Peplink’s broad portfolio of LTE plus wired WAN edge capabilities: “They have a rich set of [...]

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FusionHub Solo is Here!


Ingen Distribution are very excited to announce FusionHub Solo, designed especially for those with one Peplink device. The licence is free, permanent and allows users to take full advantage of SpeedFusion with a single Peplink peer device. This will really compete with the shareband market, it is perfect for SMEs with single offices that [...]

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Peplink 48 Port Switch Now Available


The 48 Port SD-Switch is now available! Like its smaller cousin, it has dual AC power inputs and three redundant power sources, ensuring that connected devices will stay powered no matter what. If the SD Switch ever loses connectivity, simply plug in a USB modem for out-of-band management. Further information [...]

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All New Peplink SD Switch – 8 Port. Available from Today!


Ingen are excited to announce the launch of the all new 8 Port Peplink SD Switch. It has a fanless design and an industrial temperature range; perfect for tough environments. It can accept DC Power via Dual Power DIN cables and Terminal Block. An AC Adaptor is also included, so [...]

All New Peplink SD Switch – 8 Port. Available from Today!2019-11-21T15:37:44+00:00

Peplink’s Most powerful Router Yet – Introducing the EPX


Introducing our brand new powerhouse router, the Peplink EPX! This impressive workhorse combines pure power with advanced customization, scalability, and future-proofing capabilities with its forward-minded modular design. Peplink EPX The EPX is extremely effective in providing unbreakable cellular connectivity, as it can support up to 18x simultaneous LTE-A [...]

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Introducing the BR1 MK2


The wait is over, Peplink's BR1 MK2 is here and available from Ingen Distribution! It's got a LTE-A modem, carrier certification, and 2x2 MIMO 11ac Wi-Fi. The full specs can be found here. The BR1 MK2 is LTE-A Carrier Certified Call 020 3434 3500 or email to order [...]

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MAX BR1 IP67: Constant Connectivity, No Matter the Elements – available now!


When you need absolutely reliable connectivity, in an outdoor deployment, the new MAX BR1 IP67 has you covered! The device’s compact, super-duty IP67 enclosure makes it the ideal cellular router when things like lightning, water, or dust are primary concerns. The outdoor applications don’t stop at just industrial or mobile [...]

MAX BR1 IP67: Constant Connectivity, No Matter the Elements – available now!2019-11-21T15:38:32+00:00

Peplink releases a new BR1 – the M2M! RS232 serial port for IIoT and M2M applications:


Peplink BR1 M2M Dual SIM RS232 serial console port on a rock solid cellular router, with all the ease of the Peplink range extended to a greater array of client side devices, simply presented as Ethernet IP on the WAN interfaces: LTE/4G, Ethernet. Visit the product page to read all [...]

Peplink releases a new BR1 – the M2M! RS232 serial port for IIoT and M2M applications:
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