When you need absolutely reliable connectivity, in an outdoor deployment, the new MAX BR1 IP67 has you covered! The device’s compact, super-duty IP67 enclosure makes it the ideal cellular router when things like lightning, water, or dust are primary concerns. The outdoor applications don’t stop at just industrial or mobile applications, as the MAX BR1 IP67 allows you to place the device outside, to maximize cellular connection, while connecting to your indoor hardware via simple PoE!

BR1 IP67

Waterproof IP67 rated PoE BR1 with built in antenna


IP67 Deployment idea: run CAT5 Ethernet cable instead of antenna cable

Your connection is also safe from any other interruptions thanks to Peplink’s SpeedFusion, allowing for hot failover between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, as well redundant SIM slots to keep your cellular connection up and running! Or use two different carriers’ SIM cards and the MAX BR1 IP67 will choose the one with the best coverage!

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