BR Series – The BR stands for Business Ready. These products are our entry-level cellular SD-WAN products. Our entry-level products have hardware quality and specs that often beat other vendors highest end products. The BR series includes all kinds of features needed to deliver unique solutions for many MSP business models.

HD Series – The HD stands for Heavy Duty. Heavy Duty means not only environmental but heavy bandwidth duty as well. These products go beyond the specs of the BR series and add a variety of indoor, outdoor, and mobile-ready form factors. The HD series has an industry-leading number of cellular and additional WAN interfaces. The HD series also unlocks all of Peplinks most advanced SpeedFusion SD-WAN features.

Transit Series – The Transit series provides a unique combination of low cost, mobile friendly hardware, and features for deployments that target public and private transportation applications. Of particular interest are the Content Hub capabilities that enable all kinds of remote media delivery/consumption applications such as digital signage, kiosks, map data, blueprints, or any files that need to be distributed and accessed in a bandwidth.

SpeedFusion Engine – The SpeedFusion Engine was initially introduced in the cube form-factor devices, but this is actually a product family. The family is designed to provide other industries with a drop in SD-WAN engine to their existing systems. Think kiosks, ATMs, Cameras, Autonomous Systems, anyone who needs reliable connectivity, but don’t have time or expertise to develop their own networking systems.

XG Series(new) – The XG series is ready for the fastest 5G and Fiber networks. With Multi-Gigabit throughput and Modular radio design, these products give you the ultimate in speed for any Enterprise, Mobile, or Industrial applications. These are our most powerful products for the best SpeedFusion SD-WAN features and performance.