Out of the Box, Peplink/Pepwave devices have 1yr of warranty 1 that covers hardware repair/replacement and the added benefit of access to InControl 2. Once warranty expires, Peplink units stop reporting to InControl 2 and show offline.

To get InControl 2 coverage back there are a couple paths for coverage:

  1. Purchasing Extended Warranty 4 (for all units if purchased before warranty expires. The smaller/consumer units can purchase warranty after warranty expires) or TotalCare 1/SmartCare (for the larger Enterprise models).

NOTE: TotalCare is only available in North America. For Smartcare, please reach out to your point-of-sale/Peplink Partner for purchase. –

  1. For the smaller units, you can purchase an InControl 2 Subscription 6 (1 or 2 years increments).

The following units qualify –

  • Balance One and Core, Balance 20, 30, 50
  • MAX BR Series
  • Surf SOHO
  • MAX On-The-Go
  • AP One Series
  • AP Pro
  • FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro

An InControl 2 Subscription will allow an Out-of-Warranty device to continue to report into InControl 2. The IC2 Subscription won’t give warranty coverage for those units and if they need repair or replacement, there would be applicable fees applied.

NOTE- You can purchase multiple warranties/subscriptions at the same time to “stack” coverage.