Peplink Balance Routers

Small Business/ Branch Office

Peplink Balance One

Medium-size business Bonding Routers

Peplink Banance 580

Enterprise Bonding/ Balance Routers

Peplink Balance 2500

The Peplink Balance Small Office range:
A range of low cost powerful and easy to use load balancing Routers
Peplink Small office allow you to get the most out of your WAN connection.
From the Balance One (with its 1Gb throughput) to the 30 LTE allowing you to seemlessly add 4G to your existing aDSL connection.
These routers give you flexible/ affordable multi-wan performance ideal for small business, power and SOHO users alike!

Balance Range for Mid-Size business:
3- 5 Port Multi-WAN routers that unlock the power of true bonding.
Built with Peplink Speedfusion technology, these routers give power to your network.
Whether you are looking to expand or de-risk your existing network these routers offer a fast and effective path.
Supporting between 50 and 1000 users, Peplinkrouters come with inbuilt AP Controller and Cloud based management software.
These routers help you grow resilience and reliability within your network.

Enterprise Balance Router:
Capable of supporting up to 13 (GbE) simultaneous WAN connections and bonding end point for up to 4000 peers, these balance routers suit large enterprise and ISPs alike. Combining Peplink Speedfusion technology these routers can improve service availability and cut costs of your overall network. Capable of running in VRRP or HA configurations, Peplink Balance series router ensure maximum levels of availability and reliability at the core of your network.

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