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There are three main product sets but there is a lot of overlap amongst them; you can load balance or bond on a cellular router which has built in VLANs for multiple Wi-Fi SSIDs, let us help define the products for your use case:

Peplink Balance

Straightforward yet powerful dual-WAN routers for small offices, to SFP+ capable 12-WAN enterprise routers, the Balance series has an ideal fit for any deployment fixed line deployment

Peplink MAX

Industrial strength 4G routers are designed to provide secure WAN access in environments where wired solutions are too expensive to deploy. The MAX series feature GPS fleet tracking, serial-to-IP terminal services, VPN security, and a wide temperature range

Peplink AP WLAN

From the tiny but mighty AP One In-Wall to the super-tough AP One Flex, the AP One series offers fast, secure, enterprise-grade performance long-range Wi-Fi that goes wherever you do


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