Ingen attends Peplink IPO event in Hong Kong

Ingen attends Peplink IPO event in Hong Kong

Peplink (owned by The Plover Bay Group) recently floated on the HK stock exchange, where it was over-subscribed by 45 times. This excellent news allows the company to continue to invest heavily in its R&D, where it already has a name for highly innovative products.
Ingen were one of the few partners invited along to the event and we were treated to a view of their new product ranges: I am afraid we cannot announce them here but there are a number of new products in Wi-Fi, cellular bonding, IoT, power management, SD-WAN, SaaS management platform, and many more.
Watch this space for announcements!

Multi-WAN, bonding, load balancing, Wi-Fi

Peplink and Pepwave and the leaders in Multi-WAN routers, load balancing and bonding

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