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100% Internet Uptime

Load balance across up to 13 WAN links of different types from different ISPs to guarantee Internet access for your enterprise.
Enterprise Balance devices are available in all sizes to suit all types of deployments, from virtual Datacentre deployments, to home based devices.

Cellular Mobile Routers

Bond up to 4 cellular 3G/4G/LTE connections on the go and take advantage of all of Peplinks key software features, like SpeedFusion VPN bonding, Link Load balancing, and comprehensive WiFi features.

Cloud Monitoring & Management

Use the power of InControl 2 to centrally manage and monitor all of your Peplink devices. Take advantage of GPS tracking and Fleet management features when using mobile devices, as well as centralised SpeedFusion Configuration and Firmware deployment for all devices.

Introducing Peplink

Peplink is the industry leading WAN / VPN Bonding and Load balancing equipment manufacturer. Their Enterprise and mobile cellular bonding routers provide highly available, secure corporate network access anywhere.

One Peplink USP is the use of multiple SIMs in a single router to increase the available data footprint by combining multiple mobile operator networks, which also increases resilience and bandwidth.

Peplink routers can combine ADSL, FTTC, 4G, 3G, WiMAX, in fact any tail circuit, into usable bandwidth, which is also known as SD-WAN.

Combine up to 13 WAN connections of any type (fixed lines, cellular & Satellite) aggregating bandwidth to create a single logical connection between sites/devices.

Use Multiple internet connections at your sites and provide packet level seamless failover in the event of a WAN link failure. Sessions are maintained when WAN links fail.

Peplink’s proprietary SpeedFusion VPN protocol can tunnel out from deep within other networks. Use it to create secure VPN connections deep within existing networks.

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