Easily Build SpeedFusion Networks

PrimeCare is designed to simplify the process of building SpeedFusion networks by offering everything you need in a single subscription package:

Full SpeedFusion Capability:
Open new possibilities and deployments with your existing devices

Full SpeedFusion Capability:
Open new possibilities and deployments with your existing devices

Unlimited FusionHub Licenses:
Connect as many PrimeCare devices as you need to your FusionHub.

Warranty Support:
Standard warranty coverage for all PrimeCare devices.

Full SpeedFusion Capability

Peplink PrimeCare enables full SpeedFusion (Bonding, WAN Smoothing, Hot Failover), opening up deployment possibilities for any PrimeCare device. For example, the MAX Transit Duo will be upgraded with full SpeedFusion in order to enable faster file transfer and higher quality streaming from mobile locations. Use WAN Smoothing to deliver smooth and consistent videoconferencing, protecting it from packet loss

Centralized Management

All devices with Peplink PrimeCare enabled will have access to InControl: our SD-WAN management cloud. Use it to build and push complex network topologies to devices in minutes. On a single screen, review the health of your network and remotely make configuration changes as needed.

InControl makes enterprise deployments simple by centralizing a number of important functions. Zero Touch Configurations and firmware updates in bulk. Standardize VLAN, SSID, firewall, and outbound policies. For access control and energy efficiency, apply schedules to SSID, Wi-Fi radios, and SD-Switch PoE ports.

Unlimited FusionHub Licenses

Warranty Support

Set up multiple FusionHubs in different locations and connect the nearest, as well as set up multiple FusionHubs for redundancy. All without paying a dime.

Each PrimeCare subscription includes standard warranty coverage, so you can deploy your PrimeCare devices with peace of mind at an excellent price.

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