About Us

Ingen Distribution are more than just a “box-shifter” we like to be able to provide advice on the best solution for your requirement and we are lucky to have the Peplink product set in our portfolio as this allows us a huge range of options:

  • Cellular routers
  • WAN bonding
  • Load balancing
  • SD-WAN routers
  • Wireless APs
  • Multi-WAN routers
  • Virtualised VPN concentrators
  • Cloud-based management platform

There are over 100 different products available from SME to Enterprise from 4G/LTE mobile, to ADSL, to fibre connectivity, enabling out of band management, VRRP/HA, and many other solutions.

So that’s why we always recommend calling in to get advice on the right kit for you: 020 3434 3500

  • Do you need to use multiple Internet connections? Peplink offers both Load Balancing and Bonding often in the same box so you find the real world best solution for you.
  • Do you need great bandwidth when out and about? Peplink have up to 4 live SIMs in a single router, this can be one from each UK network, all bonded together.
  • Do you need as simple Wi-Fi solution inside and exterior with one simple cloud-based management interface? Peplink have IP55 weatherproof solutions, in-wall and some of the smallest available APs.

We also have a number of Peplink Certified Engineers who can assist with network design and technical config.

There is also the lively Peplink forum which is a wealth of knowledge, not only on technical fixes but also ideas for network configuration: Peplink Forum